update  15/4/2019

Be a dare devil, drive out into beautiful countryside and visit where they produce Rupert Rat food.

From my most recent visit to:

   S & E Johnson Ltd

   Darley Dale

   nr Matlock

Derbyshire.  DE4 2ES

  tel. 01629 733342

Rupert Rat food, dinner is served !

There has been big changes, management

and in structure. They now conduct all business from the 'Ladygrove Mill'

Engage low gear, down this steep hill,

watch for your sudden turn-left TURN

just around this corner ...  ------------>>>>>


   Ladygrove Mill

- Closed Saturday -

* Best telephone before you plan to collect, to ensure there is sufficient bags of Rupert Rat in stock that day.

No minimum order - just make sure your car has space to carry it.

* When heavily loaded, you may wish to go back North M1 or South M1 via Matlock for the MI( much easier slopes) instead of using the steep lane that I use

between Chesterfield and the Mill.

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